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Artist's Statement

​Whether working in thread, pen or tape, I investigate line.  The relationship between a solid line, an ephemeral shadow, or a block of colour.  Each has a relationship to its neighbour and the surface it inhabits, and it is that connectivity that I play with.  I work instinctively. I take ideas that please or intrigue me and play with them, and with each mark I become more subsumed into the piece, distracted from the everyday allowing a calming of the mind and a steady hand and soul.  Whilst most of my current work is created over hours, days and weeks, a few are quickly produced and as quickly discarded.  


Creating sometimes short-lived site specific installations, I react to my surroundings, whether it is architecture or an atmosphere.  The tape spreads over walls and floors, creating a vista with added anamorphic elements requiring viewer participation.   As quickly as these sometimes performative installations are conceived they are destroyed with both creation and destruction becoming part of the ephemerality of the artwork. 


Each pen and ink piece is a meditation.  Instinctively I make the lines and a theme continues into a series, staying within the rules of the initial work.  Creating rules, however simple, allows development and a possible conclusion but what the outcome will be is only known when an outcome is reached.  Only working in black and sepia ink, pen gives me a freedom to explore and experiment in depth, rhythm and movement.


The thread work of recent years gives lines fresh energy, created within my own rules of pattern, direction, shade.  Using both line and geometric shape in cotton and wool, the canvas becomes not merely a backing but an integral part of the work introducing grid patterns the thread can either work with or against.   


There is no deep message within my practice; there very rarely has been.  Lines takes me somewhere else, physically and metaphysically, leaving a few traces behind me.

Jan Harrington

September 2022


Jan Harrington

 Exhibitions / Installations


 2022       Arts Central Showcase #1 MK Library October 

 2022.        Solo exhibition / open Gallery, Studio Manse, Newport Pagnell

 2021-22    Arts for Health MK,  MK Hospital corridor install

 2021.         International Festival MK, Mandela Flags July 21

 2020         'Seeing Ourselves'  Group exhibition, Arts Central Studios + curation

 2020         Arts Central, Corridor Installation, Jan - December

 2020         Arts for Health MK,  MK Hospital

 2019          Platform Graduate Award Show, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes  November 7/30

 2019          ‘Free Range’ Graduate Show, Truman Brewery, London

 2019          Degree Show, UON

 2019          ‘Rich Threads’, Project Space, NN Contemporary, Northampton.

 2018          CVAN-EM. Annual Event, UON. Invited artist

 2018          ‘Ipseity’ Group Show, Avenue Gallery, University of Northampton + curation

 2017          Westbury Arts Centre, collaboration with MK College    

 2017          ‘Forecast’ Arts Festival     Delapre Abbey

 2010/14   'A Journey without Sleeping' - Head Office, Homebase, Milton Keynes

 2006        ‘A Journey without Sleeping’  Solo exhibition, Madcap, Wolverton, Milton  


 2003/06   Acrylic collection exhibited KingsOak Head Office, Milton Keynes

 2001/03    Acrylic collection exhibited Group 4 HQ, Milton Keynes

 2003/04    Milton Keynes Arts Festival Group exhibitions



2020         'Seeing Ourselves' Group Exhibition, Arts Central 2020

2018          Ipseity’ Group Show, Avenue Gallery, University of Northampton

2006         'A Journey without Sleeping'  Madcap, Milton Keynes 2006    '



 2002          Newport City Live Arena, Newport, Gwent        

 2001          Group 4 Regional HQ


1980/2001  Illustrative work for private clients,  architectural, flora and fauna



 BA (Hons) Fine Art (First) 2016-2019

 ACE Milton Keynes A level 1999-2001




 Platform Graduate Award 2019 Alumni.   Exhibited as part of this award at Project Space, MK Gallery, November 2019

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If you are interested in purchasing any item or would like to have a closer look at my portfolio of work, please email me on  


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